Methods, madness and Gigi at Spring Break, with Dragon Alliance #bestweekever

In case you hadn’t gathered already, Snowboard Spring Break was one of the best weeks of the year – fact! But for us, pretty much all of our highlights were straight from the hands of the Dragon Alliance Europe crew.

Not only did they throw down the incredible Methodical Madness competition, where our riding hero Lewis Sonvico (aka half of the radness that is SuperRad – check out our review from SuperRad earlier this year on The Reason Mag) stole the glory by winning the best method competition, but they also topped the charts by bringing out the uber-hero Gigi Ruf onto their stand. (Cheesy fan-girl photo alert…!)

What’s more, with new Dragon APX, APXs and NFX goggles to test (head to BoardGirl to find out what we thought of the APXS!), the Methodical Madness competition and £500 to win, plus a chance to get some swag signed by Global snowboarder Gigi Rüf, Dragon Alliance UK were undoubtably at Spring Break in a big way this year.

For those who were lucky enough to be there, there’s still time to remind photographers, attendees and riders that they can submit their Method photos from the week and get them chosen by Jamie Lynn for print next year.

Entries to deadline 14th June.

If you think your pictures maybe a bit pony for Jamie or it’s not even from Spring Break you can still get involved on the old instagram… Tag your shot #dragonmethod and our favourite will win a “One Ball Jay” servicing kit from The Snowboard Asylum. Deadline here is also 14th June.

If you missed out on the fun, or just want to relive the action, check out Jamie Durham’s video… anyone else want to go back now…?

Dragon x Snowboard Spring Break – 2013 from Dragon Europe on Vimeo.

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Winter 2014 Snowboard Reviews: What We’re Rocking – Part 2: 2014 Salomon Salomonder #snowboardspringbreak

Jon Derbyshire tested the 2014 Salomon Salomonder at Snowboard Spring Break. He rode the 151.

For springtime slaying we wanted to put the jib boards through their paces. One of the most fun boards had to be the Chris Grenier, tried and tested, green and orange, in your face, Salomon Salomonder 151.

The board is a true twin aimed squarely at the jib kid wanting to have as much fun as possible and push their freestyle riding. It’s rated on the softer side of the Salomon range, providing easy presses and flexing with almost non-existent rocker profile.

That being said, the board has an increased stiffness where it counts, due to strips under the bindings and in the rail zones to stop the board over-flexing when riding rails. This was noticeable on impacts and added a much needed confidence on the park features.

The board butters beautifully and side hits were so much fun, no matter how big or small. The increased stiffness under the bindings made landing in the inevitably created bomb-holes feel much more stable. The almost-flat profile made locking in spin landings much easier than you would get on a full rocker.

The board rides quick and has an extruded base, handled slushy conditions really wel, and would probably suit an indoor dome rider perfectly. The board would suit the beginner or intermediate freestyle rider down to the ground and I would expect to see a few of these sleighing park nights next season.

If you are looking for a fun yet forgiving board with plenty of pop when it counts, a striking graphic and designed and ridden by the ever popular Chris Grenier, then this is probably the board for you.
Or follow the latest antics from the Salomon Snowboards UK team on Facebook.

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Winter 2014 Snowboard Reviews: What We’re Rocking – Part 1: Westbeach, Celtek, Apo #snowboardspringbreak

As if you hadn’t heard by now, we were lucky enough to hit up Snowboard Spring Break last week where we tested out some of the raddest kit next season has to offer.

In the first part of our ‘what we’re rocking’ posts, where we hand you some of our favourite Winter 2014 snowboard reviews, we thought this little combo deserved the first shout – with the Westbeach Magee jacket, Apo Podium snowboard and the Celtek Bitten By a Womitten gloves.

Westbeach Magee Jacket

We fell in love with this jacket at first sight – not only does it look rad, but comes with more function than most girl’s jackets could even dream of. Firstly, it’s long – making sure the snow stays out of where it should do, unlike many other girl’s jackets that are far too short for a powder day.

Its length combined with its feminine cut, make it also look awesome, while still giving you enough room to go for the grabs and keep slaying the mountain. We super like the big pockets to stash all your essentials for the day. What’s more, it’s also made of a 10K waterproof fabric, making sure you’ll stay dry all day.

For 2014 it will be available in Ruby Tuesday, Gunmetal and InTheNavy colourways.

Apo Podium Snowboard

The Apo Podium landed in our top 3 boards of the week. I rode the 148 and it completely slaughtered everything in its path. I’m used to riding more freestyle boards but with the solid conditions of the mountain in the morning, I thought I’d take out something more stable – and the Podium was in its element.

Then once the ice turned to slush, the Podium knew where it was at and completely sliced every mound of slushy snow in its path. It was extremely fast without any shatter, and as if that wasn’t enough, its graphics are immense! Think this will be a rad board for any intermediate girl rider who wants to progress all over the mountain as it’s fast, stable, and really pushes you.

Celtek Bitten by a Womitten gloves

We’ve rocked these gloves all last season, and they’re just as strong this season with even more rad designs available. I get cold hands pretty easily, but these are mitts on the outside with finger channels on the inside, keeping every bit of you that bit warmer and drier.

I’ve never felt my hands get wet in any condition wearing the Celtek gloves, and they’ve lasted a whole season of mountain wrecking without a scratch on them. Once riders try Celtek, they never turn back to anything else again. Fact!

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Dragon Alliance Methodical Madness contest at #snowboardspringbreak #dragonmethod

Last week was Snowboard Spring Break, where the whole UK Snowboard industry descends upon a sleepy Austrian village for a week of spring shred and carnage-based parties.

The excuse? To test all next season’s kit so you know what you should be rocking next winter. The reality? The best week of the season, by far.

We’re still enjoying the recovery position after the carnage that was Spring Break, but thought we’d start our coverage of the week’s events with what we believed to be the best on-mountain contest of Spring Break – the Dragon Alliance Methodical Madness contest.

Against all normality for May, the snow came down heavy for the planned contest day, so it was delayed til we could re-build our goggle tans in the sunshine the following day. But when it went off, it totally went off!

The contest started with a jam session, where the Dragon crew were handing out spot prizes and £20 notes to anyone who threw down some radness on the massive purpose-built hip by the Kaunertal park.

But it was the £200 top prize that the UK’s top riders were battling it out for, and it was SuperRad Snowboarding‘s Lewis Sonvico who stole the prize money with the biggest and most steezy method of the session.

What’s more, as if the viewing pleasure of the epic methods wasn’t enough for the gathered crowds, there was an awesome setup for the spectators, with plenty of chilled seating, beats and freebies for everyone.

The Dragon Alliance Europe crew were in resort all week providing Dragon APX and Dragon NFX goggles for everyone to rock on the slopes, plus even stepped up the game the day after the comp by throwing in a visit from Gigi Ruef to show off his new Stash range of Dragon goggles (see left for our fan-girl shot!).

We’ll be shouting out about our favourite goggles with a full review of the Dragon APXS later this week, as well as a few of the shots from when we met Gigi Ruef (because we’re still damn stoked!). But til then, we hope you enjoy some of our photos from the Dragon Alliance Methodical Madness contest.

Above: Rider photos – Honey Monster and Angus Leith. Kaz meets Gigi.
Below: Rider photos – Edward Castle-Henry and Lewis Sonvico. Lewis collecting his prize money from the Dragon crew, then shows us how SuperRad he is.
Photos taken by Kaz Willmer.

For the latest from the Dragon Alliance Europe crew, follow them on Facebook by clicking here or on Instagram at @DragonAllianceEurope. For the latest products from Dragon, check out the Dragon Alliance website at

If you want to get rad like Lewis, then check out his awesome freestyle snowboard camps at

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Tie Dye High Five splashes colours over Snowboard Spring Break #snowboardspringbreak #tiedyehighfive

As if a week of events and testing wasn’t enough at Snowboard Spring Break, the Reason Snowboard Magazine joined forces with the awesome Neon Stash to run a massive Tie Dye High Five workshop on the slopes of Kaunertal.

By the end of the week, every rider was rocking the tie dye – by day on the mountain and by night in the bars. And with 250 of us out there, that’s alot of tie dye tees.

Despite the snow starting to come down pretty heavily, the tie dye were super successful, and even those who were a bit wary at the start ended up getting messy with the colours.

In thanks to Hannah at Neon Stash for making it happen, and to The Reason Snowboard magazine for providing the tees, we thought we’d share a few of the pics from the day.

For more on Neon Stash, check out the website at For more on the super successful Tie Dye High Five and when it might come to your area, check out the TieDyeHighFive blog site or follow the Instagram page at @TieDyeHighFive

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