Winter 2014 Snowboard Reviews: What We’re Rocking – Part 2: 2014 Salomon Salomonder #snowboardspringbreak

Jon Derbyshire tested the 2014 Salomon Salomonder at Snowboard Spring Break. He rode the 151.

For springtime slaying we wanted to put the jib boards through their paces. One of the most fun boards had to be the Chris Grenier, tried and tested, green and orange, in your face, Salomon Salomonder 151.

The board is a true twin aimed squarely at the jib kid wanting to have as much fun as possible and push their freestyle riding. It’s rated on the softer side of the Salomon range, providing easy presses and flexing with almost non-existent rocker profile.

That being said, the board has an increased stiffness where it counts, due to strips under the bindings and in the rail zones to stop the board over-flexing when riding rails. This was noticeable on impacts and added a much needed confidence on the park features.

The board butters beautifully and side hits were so much fun, no matter how big or small. The increased stiffness under the bindings made landing in the inevitably created bomb-holes feel much more stable. The almost-flat profile made locking in spin landings much easier than you would get on a full rocker.

The board rides quick and has an extruded base, handled slushy conditions really wel, and would probably suit an indoor dome rider perfectly. The board would suit the beginner or intermediate freestyle rider down to the ground and I would expect to see a few of these sleighing park nights next season.

If you are looking for a fun yet forgiving board with plenty of pop when it counts, a striking graphic and designed and ridden by the ever popular Chris Grenier, then this is probably the board for you.
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