Review: Bawbags and Bawbags for Birds – once ridden, you’ll never turn back!

Bawbags for Birds

Bawbags for Birds

Just over a week ago we met the awesome guys at UK underwear company Bawbags at The Ledge Tradeshow in London, who promised us that Bawbags would revolutionise our riding. They were right, and we’ve now vowed never to ride without them again.

As a girl, I’ve envied guys getting to wear boxers on the slopes, just giving that extra layer of warmth that little knickers can’t give you. Now I’ve got these in my life, there’s no more envy!

Bawbags have been designed for athletes, and tested on their team, containing plenty of tech to keep you riding super comfortably all day – just like your base layers do.

Bawbags Cool De Sacs

Bawbags Cool De Sacs

They’ve Bawbags’ special Thermal Wicking Active Technology – moisture wicking tech to keep you dry, and are breathable to keep you fresh.

What’s more, they have super soft sack/gusset (depending if you’re a bird or not!), and profits go to supporting testicular and breast cancer charities.

If that’s not enough, the designs are all pretty damn awesome, so you’re happy to show off that rad Bawbags wasteline, and don’t worry about flashing a bit of pant when bending to tighten that binding.

What we love most about the Bawbags though is that they stay in place all day – exactly where you need them to be – saving that uncomfortable breeze from behind on the chairlift, having to hitch up your pants when busting out big on the kickers, or flashing any flesh when your snow pants go far too gangster. It’s not til you go back to riding normal pants that you realise how much you need more pairs of Bawbags in your life!

Check out the Bawbags online store, and follow the team’s antics on Facebook here.

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