Dress Like BeXx! British Rider Focus: Becky Menday – Protest, Dragon, Celtek, Head…

Image: Michelle Tebbut

Image: Michelle Tebbut

At just 13 years old, Becky Menday has been sweeping the podium spots already this winter at all the dome comps, and there’s plenty more to come from this rad British rider. So, with winter about to slam dunk on us, we thought there was no better way to shout out about Becky’s radness than find out what she’s rocking on the slopes this season.

Hi Kaz,
My Outerwear comes from Protest Boardwear: I love all their clothing, both summer and winter , especially my jacket the ‘Diana from the Geo Tech 10.000 Series in purple’ which I have been wearing since the British Championships in March. It is a Great colour and stands out on the slopes, it is a nice length, slightly longer than most jackets and is really cosy and warm. I love the hoody which is removable with fake fur, but I like to keep mine on for cold days on the chair lift. I am also wearing a pair of ‘Orient Board pants in black, although more charcoal/ grey in colour. These are also Geo Tech 10,000 series as well.

My goggles and sunglasses come from Dragon Alliance: I am wearing the ‘Aurora APX’ Model love their colour and designthe colour compliments my jacket colour nicely, and the way they have gone for big goggles that cover half of my face. There’s no ring around the outside of the goggles and I think this looks awesome and unique. Also they are great for not steaming up while riding and the lenses are easy to inter change for different visibility conditions. I am also wearing DragonExperience II in both Jet blue and Jet purple.

The gloves I am wearing this season come from Celtek:

The Brits 2012 - Halfpipe - Laax - Switzerland by Sam Mellish

The Brits 2012 – Halfpipe – Laax – Switzerland by Sam Mellish

These gloves are very unique and their designs are soo cool, the colours are very vibrant and they always keep my fingers toasty. I have chosen to wear the Hello Operator Mitten in Aqua Smoke for mountain and the ‘Maya’ Jess Kimura park gloves for indoor riding.

Head Snowboards: I am riding two different models from Head Snowboards this season the Flocka, ‘She’s Evil Kers’ for all my mountain riding including half pipe. I love the graphic design on this board and the ‘Kers’ technology really does seem to give me extra ‘pop’ off the kickers. My other board is the Rocka ‘ Stella’ I love the Rocka design as it feels so nice when jibbing on rails and is great for park indoors and on the mountain. I love the design of the ‘Stella’ and it has a nice ‘girly flower’ but still looks cool and graffiti like, I love the bold colourful lines of both boards.

I am also using the Head NX Fay Five DF Bindings, the colour looks great in purple and maths the colours on my boards. Also the step in design is great and saves the tangle of stepping on your straps. They have really easy adjustment for forward lean, and the unique foam ‘Dampiflex’ pads under the binding really help to absorb the hard impact from landings of large kickers and rails.

Image: Jools Smith

Image: Jools Smith

My Boots are also Head and I have just received the latest pair of Jinx BOA Coiler IPS in a lovely brown and purple, with a nice furry inner lining. I wore the Jade model all last year and they have been the comfiest boots I have ever worn. I have had no pains in my foot arches or calf burn from them, even on the longest poma drags.

I am also wearing all Head protection, My helmet is the Chloe in black. I have had some really nasty slams from large kickers wearing this model and my head has always felt really well cushioned. My body armour is the ‘Mute;’ series of long sleeved top and 3/4 length pads. These have built in pads that protect in all the valuable areas and are really comfy to wear with a nice fit. I also love the purple colour as it makes a nice change to black. The material breathes really well and wicks any un- wanted moisture away nicely.

Clast Bandanas: I am wearing the Clast Spectrum Neck Warmer as it suits my outfit nicely this keeps me nice and warm especially in those long cold windblown chairlift rides. But is also nice and breathable.

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