Beginners Guide: Snowboarding clothing to buy

We cover off snowboard clothing in more detail in our forthcoming Snowboard Clothing Buyers Guide, but here are a few tips for the beginners.

  1. Snowboard socks – Get at least two pairs of good quality, thick snowboarding socks.  Normal socks or football socks won’t do the job of keeping your tootsies warm and dry whilst helping your boots fit properly. Comfort is crucial when you spend 7 hours a day standing on your board.
  2. Great snowboard gloves – A good pair of proper snowboarding gloves will keep your hands warm and dry.  Don’t buy cheapo naff gloves – they will be cold and soggy in 5 minutes! The little things like this make a huge difference on those tricky first couple of days – trust me!
  3. Snowboard jacket and trousers – You can probably hire these on your first trip which may be a good idea, although not very rad. Alternatively raid TK Maxx or eBay for bargains.  I’ve bought lots of new and very lightly used snowboard clothing on eBay in the past for peanuts.  Don’t buy or borrow ski salopettes as they won’t fit over your boots – and will make you look like a skier!
  4. Base layers – As your father probably told you, staying warm is more about wearing layers of clothing rather than fewer thicker layers. It’s worth buying some long johns and thermal tops to keep you warm and dry.  You don’t meed to shell out £40 in Ellis Brigham for top notch merino wool stuff. Asda and UniQlo sell cheap thermals that, although not sexy, will make all the difference.  I’ve relied on them for -30 deg C temperatures in Sweden!
  5. Mid-layers – Above your base layers I normally wear a couple of old t-shirts and then a fleece.  You could wear a hoody but a fleece will dry quicker overnight and you can save your hoody for the apres-board partying!
  6. Goggles – Not sure if you can hire these.   When learning a cheap £20 pair will suffice but carry some tissues or anti-fog wipes around. Steamed up goggles are a bitch to deal with!

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