Beginners Guide: Travel insurance for Snowboarding

Insurance is soooooo boring! My old man worked in the industry and regularly lectured me about it’s importance. Sadly for once he is right.

  1. You need good quality travel insurance that covers snow sports.
  2. A broken limb can cost thousands in hospital bills and everyone knows someone who’s had a snow injury.
  3. Get the best cover you can afford and you’ll feel much happier attempting that first front flip or backside 3!
  4. If you’re heading to North America or further afield make sure you get the right level of cover. ┬áTravel Insurance tends to be sold by continent. Check out the small print about off-piste and snow parks too.
  5. If you have one of those premium bank accounts or fancy credit cards you may get free travel insurance as part of the deal – but do check that it covers winter sports.

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