Snowboarding news & videos: Halfpipe finals show epic end to the Burton European Open #NokiaXBurton

I-Pod on his final run in the men's halfpipe final

I-Pod on his final run in the men’s halfpipe final

After snow had been falling continuously over night, and didn’t look to be easing first thing, riders were understandably anxious that the halfpipe finals would see a similar fate to the slopestyle finals.

However the winds changed, and after the BEO crew worked hard to clear snow from the pipe, the final day of the Burton European Open was epic.

By the time the women’s halfpipe finals were ready to start, the sun had broken through the clouds, leaving the crowds with a mixture of viewing pleasure from some of the world’s top riders throwing it down hard, as well as plenty of time for fresh powder laps between events.

Arielle Gold takes gold in the women's finals

Arielle Gold takes gold in the women’s finals

Halfpipe finals for both men and women both involved riders taking three runs, with the best run counting.

It was 16-year-old Burton rider Arielle Gold who took first place for the women, taking home the prize cheque of $15,000, with Kelly Clarke in second.

Names such as I-Pod, Luke Mitriani, Arthur Longo and Scotty Lago kept the crowds pumping with the incredible display in the men’s finals, but it was 14-year-old Japanese rider, Ayumu Hirano, also on Burton, stealing top spot for the men after his turbo boosting out the pipe.

For the ultimate hit, check out Iouri’s sweet run landing him second place in the finals.

But now the Burton European Open is wrapped up, and a big concert will soon be getting underway at the Riders Palace, the juniors are gearing up for tomorrow’s Junior Burton European Open.

Sun comes out over the BEO pipe

Sun comes out over the BEO pipe

At just 12 years old, British snowboarder Cerys Allen has travelled to Laax for her first International snowboard competition.

Sponsored by Westbeach UK, Never Summer, Definition Freestyle Camps and The Snow Centre, Cerys has taken podium spots at pretty much all the UK comps so far this winter, including most recently sweeping the Butta Jam at Castleford, beating over 200 skiers and riders to the £500 flight vouchers, which got her to the Burton European Open this week. So we caught up with her in the burger bar to find out how she’s getting on.

For yesterday’s update, head over to GoneBoarding.

Thanks to Nokia for getting us out to the Burton European Open this year. Photos taken on the Nokia Lumia 820.

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