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Misguided Fools shirt In the second part of our #Follow Friday series, where we tell you more about independent brands we think you should check out, we hooked up with James Greenway at Misguided Fools.
Here’s what he had to say.

• What is Misguided Fools?

Misguided fools is a clothing label and the brainchild of three fellas with a shared love of snowboarding and a penchant for the finer things in life: Snow, Music, Drinking beer, having a laugh, taking the piss – we don’t take ourselves too seriously…

But we didn’t re-invent the wheel, we didn’t invent something better than sliced bread – we’re a clothing label – but a damn good one!

• Where are you based?

We have two bases, Leeds and St Martin de Belleville (France).

• Who are the faces behind your brand?
Check out the pic below… (l-r) Spike, Wardy and Jim.

(l-r) Spike, Wardy and Jim.

(l-r) Spike, Wardy and Jim.

• Where did the idea for your brand come from?

It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time. It came up in conversation again over a couple of beers after a days boarding and I just thought it was time to stop thinking of doing it and actually get on with it.

• What sports/other companies are you involved in?

I also have a chalet company based in the Three Valleys – Green Mountain Chalets.

• What products do you offer?
Well this is year zero – officially we aren’t even launched until next year so for the time being its tee shirts, hoodies, shirts and beanies.

Misguided Fools• What products do you hope to offer in the future?

Pass me that crystal ball… who knows? The public will decide. If an item gets good feedback and people like it than we’ll expand that range. The shirts that we’re running this season are really cool I’d like to see us do larger range but we’ll see how the public reacts…

• Who designs your products?

At the moment it’s all done in house, the three of us knocking our heads together and coming up with stuff that we like. That said we’re a young company and always looking to move in new and exciting directions – if there’s any young up and coming designers out there that think they could do a job we’d be chuffed to speak to them.

• Who do you aim your products to?
Pearly Kings, Drama Queens, girls in twin sets, the idiot dancing on the bar – and everyone else in between.

Misguided Fools Beanie • If you could colab with any other brand, who would it be and why?

Tough one – there are so many brands out there I like and respect. One straight off the top of my head would be Planks – what those guys have done in such a short space of time is ace so probably them.

• What makes you different from other brands?

We’re not elitist, you don’t have to be the coolest cat in resort to sport the MF brand – we’ve designed it to make it bold, functional (extra thick fabric for our shirts make them ideal for riding in, thumb holes and iPod pockets in our hoodies, extra soft t shirts etc) and stuff you want to wear. It’s as much about the quality of the garment as it is the brand. Ultimately we’re one of many clothing labels trying to make a name for ourselves, ultimately if our stuff doesn’t stand out we’ll fall by the wayside so design and quality if garment are right at the top of our list of priorities.

• Where is your favourite place to ride?

The bedroom….. hahahahaha. Oh, you mean snow – sorry. We’ll I’m a Three Valleys man so I’d have to go for a small unknown part of Les Menuires (not the trendiest resort I admit) called La Masse which has it all – wicked pistes, an awesome bowl of an off piste and a summit café that serves Paulaner with just about the best view you’ve ever seen.

Misguided Fools • What can we look forward to seeing from you this season?
We’ll this is just the start – year zero. We’ve got a range of basics which we’re really proud of. Tshirts, hoodies, shirts and beanies. We’re working really hard to get the name out and about so you’ll be seeing us hosting parties in most of the major resorts in France. After that it’s up to the public – if they like it, we’ll make it…

• Do you sponsor any riders?

We have a family of people that we look after – they repay us by doing the same. That’s the way any family should work eh… Riders, DJ’s, Artists – basically people who are brave enough to try and live their life a little different to all the normal joes.

• Do you ever get involved with sponsoring events?

As many as we can….. Already this season we’re sponsoring the Renegade Raid in Morzine which is a rail jam event to help raise money for a new skatepark, we have several events happening with La Folie Douce in Val Thorens and also a ladies freestyle comp in Meribel. That said we’re open to sponsoring more – if you’re running an event and want a sponsor please let us know.

RedBlueTee • How much of your life goes into the brand?

Damn near all of it – we’re passionate about MF and think it can really make a mark so ever since February every spare moment we’ve had has gone towards making sure the designs are spot on, the brand is seen I the right place, we have the right hook ups etc etc etc.
Now the easy bit’s done we can look forward to more hard work…

• Can you sum up the company in a sentence?


• How can people purchase your products?

At the moment it’s just through www.misguidedfools.com but as the season goes on we’ll be visiting resorts and meeting the local shops and getting them to stock it – watch this space.

• Complete the sentence. Misguided Fools would be nothing if….
We hadn’t sat and had an excited drunken conversation after a days riding.

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