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As part of a sweet series we were involved in with our friends at Goneboarding, we spent the last few months of 2012 finding out more behind some of the top independent clothing brands who are giving something back to the UK snowboarding scene. In our first Follow Friday of 2013, we bring you the story behind Moog Royale.

As well as producing incredible threads, Moog Royale also forms part of The Shred Collective – along with FBBB and Whitelines Magazine – a group of like minded people working together to help support and develop the UK shred scene, whereby all proceeds from limited edition products sold, funds new park features.

Kaz: What is Moog Royale?
Moog Royale is a premium streetwear brand specializing in Limited Run Prints Numbered 1-100.

Kaz: Where are you based?
The studio is based just outside of London in Kent.

Kaz: Who are the faces behind Moog?
Mark is the Bawce – the creator of the brand. Mark comes up with all the designs, runs the prints and studio. Ashley is the brand ambassador – the guy we send to stores with all the Moog goodness! Rory is our newest addition – dealing with the marketing and making sure we are always prepared for the next season!

Kaz: Where did the idea for your brand come from?
The idea was to establish a quality brand with a more personal approach. To create products that we design, print and finish ourselves in-house in limited quantities. A brand that individuals could buy into knowing that they were unlikely to pass anyone else wearing the same.

The Shred Collective tee

The Shred Collective tee

Kaz: What sports/industries are you involved in?
We are still involved in snowboarding and are one part of The Shred Collective, along with Whitelines and For Boarders by Boarders – An organisation set up to raise money to put back into the scene. The Shred Collective is non-profit, all proceeds go towards producing freestyle features which are then donated to UK snow domes and dry slopes.

Kaz: What products do you offer?
Tee’s are at the core of our product line, however we have a range of Crews, Hoods, Beanies and most recently our Moog Snapbacks, which have been massively popular.

Kaz: What products do you hope to offer in the future?
We’re working to triple the lines of tee’s and crews over 2013 and 2014 and eventually we’d like to start producing our own cut and sew line.

Kaz: Who designs your products?
Mark is the man behind our designs, however once he’s come up with next season’s designs we vote on them. If something doesn’t work and its 2-1, it’s out!

Moog Patch snapback

Moog Patch snapback

Kaz: What have been your most successful products so far?
The Patch Snapback has gone down really well and out of the tees the Echo Pocket Tee and Signature Gold/Black Tee have proved popular.

Kaz: Who do you aim your products to?
The brands heritage is snowboarding, although we add more of a street influence to our designs. Street culture is a huge part of fashion so anyone with a unique sense of style, looking for a brand tailored for the individual.

Kaz: If you could collab with any other brand, who would it be and why?
That’s a hard one. Carhartt would be high up on that list. They have always produced high quality products and we just like what they do with the brand.

Kaz: What makes you different from other brands?
We’re limited run, we only do 100 of each print, no matter what the product. Once their gone – their gone. We believe that fashion and especially our brand, is all about the individual.

Moog Crew

Moog Crew

Kaz: What do you guys do when you’re not riding?
We all have other jobs that pay the bills! We’re all pretty focused on the brand right now but Mark is a family man, Ash lives to shred and Rory is always in the music studio or raving.

Kaz: Where do you see the brand in 5 years?
We’d love to be successful, offer a diverse range of products and prints. Ideally a bigger studio/office and a store somewhere in London.

Kaz: What can we look forward to seeing from you this season?
New crew and tee designs and maybe a couple of cheeky handmade accessories!

Kaz: Who do you sponsor?
You guys will know George Walton, Callum Paton, Rowan Biddiscomb and Will Rad but we also have producers like Jacob Plant (Speakerbox), UK rapper Natty and production duo Alias repping.

Kaz: How do you go about choosing individuals to sponsor?
We work with individuals that inspire us, whether it’s through their riding, their art or their music – people that are passionate about our brand.

Moog Vest

Moog Vest

Kaz: How much of your life goes into the brand?
Every minute available! To make it a success it’s all about what you put in, we are always working on ideas to make sure we keep our products current and relevant.

Kaz: Would you ever compromise your principles in order to make more money?

Kaz: Would you like to give any shoutouts?
Big shout to Jacob Plant, Alias and the other guys we sponsor. And a bigger shout out to anyone that supports us by wearing our threads!

Kaz: How can people purchase your products?
At the moment they can head over to Threenine & Friends in Bristol, Capology in Newcastle or online at http://store.moogroyale.com/. In 2013 we’ll be expanding our list of stockists.

Kaz: Complete the sentence. Moog Royale would be nothing without….
Lot’s of cups of tea!

For more on Moog Royale check out the thread store at moogroyale.co.uk
Follow the crew on Facebook or Twitter
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