Brand new Relentless Lemon Ice Energy Drink to fuel your spring shred!

With the end of winter in sight, we at BoardStylist are starting to think of festival season in order to pass the summer days quickly before next winter, and there’s no brand better at providing us with those sweet festival days than Relentless.

We’re not ones for copy and pasting press releases, but we’re pretty excited about this – especially through our love of Relentless keeping our shred days fuelled!

With Relentless Boardmasters giving us an epic dose of massive tunes and surf sessions in Newquay in the summer, Relentless NASS giving the skater kids the sweetest park setups to another sick music lineup, and the cherry on top of it all being Relentless Freeze kicking winter off again, there’s no doubt Relentless knows how to keep us partying.

So we’re pretty excited to hear about the launch of their new flavour Lemon Ice. Available in a 500ml can, Lemon Ice is an ultra- refreshing lemonade style drink that perfectly mixes the sweet/sharp taste of lemonade with the energy boost of Relentless.

Lemon Ice embodies the Relentless Energy Drink No Half Measures attitude, helping to encourage mental renewal and alertness, while giving you fuel for your passion and creativity when you need it. So whether you need it for spring days riding, to keep you shredding in the domes, or to fuel a summer of skate, it’s all about the Lemon Ice.

Lemon Ice is one of 7 flavours in the Relentless Energy Drink collective, each representing its own unique design, colour fusion and flavour.

For more information on Lemon Ice and other products in the Relentless Energy Drink range, visit

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