Snowboard tools and wax – look after that board! Butta, Dakine, Toko

You’re all fully prepped for your trip, kitted out head to toe, and ready for the battle of the elements. But what about your board? It’s super important to keep that pimped too. Here’s our pick of the wax, snowboard tools and tuning kits available.


The Butta Wax Service Kit

The Butta Wax Service Kit

There’s nothing like it. It smells awesome, slicks your board like no other wax out there, plus the Butta lads are top of the game this winter, having just landed a finalist spot at ISPO this year.

For more on Butta, check out why we thought they deserved that ISPO cred, then get yourself across to Surfdome to get yourselves one of the Butta Wax kits – complete with wax, brush, towel, scraper, and step-by-step instructions, in it’s own rad little Butta tin.


Toko pocket driver snowboard tool

Toko pocket driver snowboard tool

There’s nothing much worse than your bindings coming undone at the top of the mountain – you’re just about to drop in on a sweet first tracks line, and your binding starts slipping from side to side.

That’s when the pocket screwdrivers come in handy, and the Toko Pocket Driver Snowboard tool is designed for just that.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, with different attachments hidden away so you don’t impale yourself on a Phillips screwdriver when you slip out from the rail. Contains Phillips #2,#3. pozzidrive #3, flat #6, hexagonal #4 and a 10/11mm key.


Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit

Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit

We also like this Dakine Snowboard Tuning Kit, with everything you need to prune your board. A proper stoning and edging will help get rid of those scratches and rock scrapes, as well as giving you the choice of edges or no edges, not only giving your board a much longer, happier life, but you a much happier, longer ride in any condition.

Multi pocket zipped case
Edge turning tool
10″ (25cm) file
Wire file brush for cleaning
Metal scraper
10″ (25cm) wax scraper
Pocket stone
Ptex (2)
Octane bar (all temp wax)
Scuff pad
Tuning tips

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