Tie Dye High Five splashes colours over Snowboard Spring Break #snowboardspringbreak #tiedyehighfive

As if a week of events and testing wasn’t enough at Snowboard Spring Break, the Reason Snowboard Magazine joined forces with the awesome Neon Stash to run a massive Tie Dye High Five workshop on the slopes of Kaunertal.

By the end of the week, every rider was rocking the tie dye – by day on the mountain and by night in the bars. And with 250 of us out there, that’s alot of tie dye tees.

Despite the snow starting to come down pretty heavily, the tie dye were super successful, and even those who were a bit wary at the start ended up getting messy with the colours.

In thanks to Hannah at Neon Stash for making it happen, and to The Reason Snowboard magazine for providing the tees, we thought we’d share a few of the pics from the day.

For more on Neon Stash, check out the website at NeonStash.com. For more on the super successful Tie Dye High Five and when it might come to your area, check out the TieDyeHighFive blog site or follow the Instagram page at @TieDyeHighFive

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