#Shredvent Calendar – Dec 10 – Vans iPhone cases – reduced to £16.99

There’s no doubt that on everyone’s wishlist is a rad iPhone case, and there’s nothing radder than a Vans iPhone case to fill any stocking or sit under any tree this Christmas.

Vans iPhone cases reduced to £16.99Now Hardcloud has these super awesome Vans iPhone cases for just £16.99 – reduced from £24.99, so there’s no excuse not to invest this Christmas. If you need an excuse, just think of how gutted you’ll be if you land hard on your cover-less phone after busting out the sickest grab in the snow park. This case could give your iPhone that bit of extra protection to stop it smashing so you can just relish in the glory of your grab!

The hardest part is deciding which colour to get! Coming in black, pink, yellow or cyan, the Vans waffle cases are compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Checkout the all new flexible rubber Vans iPhone 4 Case. This cheeky little accessory features a waffle sole replica on the back, the iconic red heel-tab at the side, toe-cap trim on the top, and Vans logo on the inside front. Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S devices.

Name – The Vans iPhone 4 CaseSize – to fit iPhone 4 and 4SConstruction – Rubber

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